So, this is my first post.  On this blog, at least.

I’ve had about 4 blogs in the past. The one I used most often was related to my time as an ROTC cadet. I tried using it after I was no longer a cadet, but I could never really keep it going. Everything seemed to be related to either my injuries or how much I missed ROTC. My blog was holding me back.

So, I made this one! After a year of not being able to do a push-up, I completed 10 today. Real ones, not push-ups from my knees or on the wall. Real, 90 degree, on the ground, push-ups. I think this is cause for celebration, and for a nice review on Yelp for my physical therapist. I’m healing!

I’m moving forward now, and I really loved blogging, so this is my “forward” blog. My “I can do things without hurting myself” blog. My “I have no excuses for kicking butt and taking names” blog. The “I deserve better” blog.


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