My McDream

I bet you think I’m going to talk about my love of the McDonald’s McGriddle, and how I dream that one day I’ll wake up early enough for my most favorite McBreakfast. But I’m not. I’ll save that for another time 😉

No, today I’m going to talk about something I’ve been looking into for a while. It’s a long term (and highly improbable, yet not impossible) dream of mine.

I want to work at McMurdo Station in Antarctica.

I’ve wanted to do this for a few years now. When I was a freshman, I wanted nothing more than to be a C-17 pilot and get selected for Operation Deep Freeze. With the end of the Air Force era of my life came the end of my C-17 dreams (except for the part where I get enough money as a civilian contractor and kick ass scientist and buy my own — again, highly improbable, yet not impossible!). Every once in a while I would get Facebook updates from the Operation Deep Freeze page, and it hurt my soul to see all that awesomeness and know that I wouldn’t be able to fly down there.

Except, shocker, pilots aren’t the only people down there. There are people who support the pilots and the aircraft, and then there are the people who support the people who support the people who support the pilots. Some of those people are called psychologists. And some of those psychologists get really nifty National Science Foundation grants to study psychological problems which arise when people spend the winter down in Antarctica! See where I’m going? It’ll take a little bit more whole heck of a lot more education and experience, but I’m totally down for that kind of work!

Like I said, it seems to me to be highly improbable at this point, but it’s going on my bucket list. In fact, according to my blog it’s the only thing on my bucket list. I’ll be updating that page as well, as other awesome things pass through my brain.

Until then, if anyone has a McMurdo/NSF/military connection with Operation Deep Freeze or research at McMurdo, send them my way! I’ll just be over here working on research and making myself relevant in the field.

McMurdo base seen from the Sea Ice with Observation Hill in the background.

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