There’s a lot to be said about Florida. The white sand beaches…the warm gulf waters…the sun that consistently shines…

But nothing will beat a Washington summer in the mountains. 

There’s nothing like being a few thousand feet above sea-level to clear the lungs of moisture gained from a hot  and humid summer down in Florida. The sky was a brilliant blue, the ever-green evergreens stretched as far as the eye could see, and the temperature was perfect for a hike. The morning started down near the mid-forties, and reached the high sixties on the descent.

I messed up a lot on the way in, and ended up adding an extra four miles to our journey. How was I supposed to know that we could drive all the way up to Twin Lakes?!? Oh yeah…the road we were hiking on should have been the first hint. I think all that pain was worth the view at the top. The color of the water rivaled that of my adopted home state, though the clean glacial waters definitely beat out the waters of the gulf.

From the lake we had a perfect view of the American flag flying from the summit of Mount Winchester, which was our actual hike.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words, apparently, I’ll stop writing for a bit and let my pictures do the talking:

There’s something liberating about being up in the mountains. No cell reception. No Facebook. No blog. Nothing except friends and family, beef jerky, and other hikers you meet on the trail. Fresh air. Breathtaking views. Wild mountain blueberries. The knowledge that you just hiked four miles and 2000 feet up, and get to enjoy the fast trot down. Getting a sunburn after managing to stay burn free all summer in Florida even though you KNOW there’s a hole in the ozone right above your house 😉

This is why a summer in Washington will beat out any place, any time of the year.

These upcoming 11 days will be exciting ones for me! I am about to complete three of my 101 in 1001 goals, and I’ll be starting my last quarter at SPU to finish off my degree in Psychology! I’m living the dream!

While one of the goals I’m completing is known (running a 5k), the other two are surprises! Be expecting another blog post in a few days…it’s gonna be a big one!

Winchester Mountain Hike

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