I cut off all my hair

Not all of it, but most of it. Enough that I would classify it as all of my hair.

So, I completed two of my goals!

27. Grow my hair out to my mid-back region


This is as close to mid-back as I was going to get. I woke up Tuesday, found some pictures of Emma Watson, and really felt like I needed to have short hair. So, I looked up the length requirements for Beautiful Lengths (which is part of Pantene), and measured my hair. If I cut my hair nice and short, I’d have 11 inches to give. And because my hair was so thick, it turned out I had 2 ponytails worth of hair to give.

So, I went to my friend and hairdresser Amanda. I knew that she’d know how to take the hairstyles I liked and make them work with my hair. I also knew she would be able to make my hair easy to work with, which has almost always been something I’ve struggled with. And sure enough, she was fantastic (as always!) and made it great.

That first cut was a thrill. I haven’t had short hair since a huge mess up in 5th grade, and after that chop, there was no going back.

With two ponytails in hand, I completed my 28th goal: Donate my hair to Beautiful Lengths! They provide completely free wigs for cancer patients. My brother recently had a friend diagnosed with cancer, and many other people who have been close to the family have been diagnosed over the past few years. Although my hair won’t specifically go to them, I know that there are many other people out there who can benefit from the thick hair I’ve been blessed with. I’m pretty sure I donated about five pounds today too 🙂

With my two goals completed, Amanda and I focused on my new hair style. I wanted it short, but had to take into consideration my wavy and very thick hair. Amanda trimmed up the back and top, and thinned it out considerably. After adding some taffy and spray, I was introduced to my new look!


How easy will this be in the morning? SO EASY! LOVE IT!!!

P.S. – My mom just walked up behind me, and thought my Dad was sitting on the couch. No, mom, that’s me. Though I do look a lot more like my dad  now 😉




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