New Page!

Goal Update: I have 38 days until my next goal! In 38 days I will have graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in Psychology! Immediately after graduating I hope to find a job (good luck to me, right?), and I’ll take a class in statistics for social science. I’m also going to live like a hippy, love my cats, plant a huge garden, and relax for a bit. Maybe the stats class will wait.

Seeing as I am going to be starting my job search shortly, I’ve included a page on this site about my work in psychology. Once my honors project is completed, I’ll be posting that. Right now, if you click on over there, I have my CV, my resume, and a few things of psychological interest 🙂

For those who don’t know, my project has been determining the effect of the repeal of  the military policy of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” on unit cohesion. I administered a survey to service members around the globe (via Facebook), and I am currently looking at the results.

This post is short, and more of a reminder to myself that even though things seem to be going slow now, I’ll be completing quite a few goals in a little over a month.

You can do it Stephanie! You can do it!

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