It’s a Christmas Card, Stephanie Brown!

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It’s a Brown Family Christmas Card! And, awesomely enough, another goal completed – Goal 31: Send out Christmas Cards/A Christmas letter!

I decided against a Christmas letter this year. We didn’t have a whole lot to say, and didn’t feel like many would want to hear it! So, I thought I’d wait until next year until I went shopping yesterday. I received a coupon yesterday at Safeway for $20 off an order of $20 or more on Shutterfly. SO AWESOME. I bought 25 of the above cards with the included envelopes and shipping for about $6.

Since it was so cheap and easy to design, I went with them…and since we’re living in Florida now, we went with the “Warm Wishes” design. AND, I get a nice deal for my next purchase just for placing this on my blog! Which is super cool because I was going to do that anyways.

More goal updates soon! It’s been a busy few weeks!

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