Goals 4 & 23 – COMPLETE


(Until graduate school, of course. But that’s a separate beast.)

It feels so good to finally be done with goal 4 (Graduate in Autumn 2012) and 23 (Graduate College).  I know they seem like the same thing, but there were two distinct purposes behind each goal.

When I was in 5th grade, I practically idol-worshiped Emeril Lagasse. I knew he went to school at Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island, and I was convinced at the time that I was going to go there as well. I didn’t even know what a GPA was, but at the time I could have told you the average GPA I needed to get me a slot in the Culinary Arts program. I knew how much tuition cost, I knew what my uniform would look like, and I knew when finals were for that year. By 5th grade, I knew that I wanted to graduate college. Hence, the first goal.

Of course, life almost never goes according to plan. I grew up, decided to join Air Force ROTC,  met my husband-to-be, got injured at Field Training, and left ROTC. While it was painful at the time (mentally and physically…seriously, my knee hurts when it’s about to rain which is not a skill I want to have in Washington!), I realized that I was no longer on anyone’s timeline. Fortunately for me, I was a bit of an overachiever credit-wise my first two years in school. I took 17 or 18 credit quarters every quarter. Even though I switched my major at the end of my sophomore year, I still had enough credits to graduate two quarters early. This was super fortunate, because my husband-to-be actually became my husband, and we’ve spent 6 of our 9 months of marriage apart. Now that I’ve graduated, I can head down to Florida and live in our  house with our cats and enjoy a bit of life before starting graduate school.

So far, the future as far as job possibilities is up in the air. I’m hoping to find something where I can actually use my psychology degree. No, this doesn’t mean counselling…I’d need a Masters degree for that. I’m also hoping to offer my soul to the University of West Florida’s Center for Applied Psychology as a research assistant. Finally, I’ll be applying to a graduate program at UWF next year. I would have applied this year, but I overlooked the testing dates for taking the GREs and really just ran out of time. I’m grateful though, because that means I have a year to really figure out what kind of program I want to get into and I have a year just to enjoy being married and not worrying about school. Everything happens for a reason, right?

So, that’s the school update. I have a few more goal updates I’ll be blogging about in the next week or so!

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