On Building Tables and Living with Animals

Life. It’s been busy.

Early one weekend morning At 10am on a Saturday near the beginning of February, my friend Angela (who is the owner of a gorgeous vintage wedding rental company here in Florida) shot me a text: “I need 16 6′ farm tables in one month.”

I glanced at it, rolled over in bed, closed my eyes. Opened my eyes, grabbed my phone again, made sure I read the text correctly, and poked Spencer.

“Hey, would you be willing to build a farmhouse table for Ang?”

“Yeah, (mumblemumblecan’tunderstandearlymorningtalk).”


“When. Does. She. Need. It. By.”

“The end of the month.”


“Oh, but it’s not “it,” it’s “them.”


“Yeah, 16 of them to be exact.”



So, knowing that we had a big project ahead of us, we went out and did what any responsible couple would do. We bought a dog. Apparently stress makes crazy spur of the moment decisions more palatable for the both of us. I should have known, seeing as I bought both of my cats right after I left the Air Force. Compulsive animal buying is also the reason I can’t volunteer at a shelter. You can, in fact, be both married and a crazy cat lady. I would have no problem with that.

After that wake-up text, I showed Spencer a listing for a 3 year old retriever/lab mix at a local shelter. She had been their since before Christmas and was developing kennel depression. I saw her picture on their Facebook page while looking at volunteer opportunities,and her picture stood out to me. Apparently Spencer agreed, and he told me to call and see if she was still there, which she was. We went and picked her up that very morning.

And now we have Miss Ellie:


Ellie! Also referred to as Ells-Bells, Ellie-Belly, Big Girl, Pretty Puppy, and “Poop, dammit, it’s cold out here!”

I never had a dog as a kid, so I really had no idea what was in store. I was never one for an indoor dog, but she’s just so sweet I wouldn’t have put her outside even if we had a great fence. She sleeps at the foot of our bed, snores all night, then beats the bed with her tail to let us know we need to take her outside. Once outside, she tries to hunt the armadillo in our drainage ditch, dragging us around the cold, dewy yard in our pajama pants and flip-flops. The first night was rough, but thankfully she’s stopped the 4am bathroom breaks. It helped that we stopped giving her water all night. Go figure.

Between adjusting to having a very energetic dog and building 16 farmhouse tables, I have been one tired puppy. The tables are turning out well. The design is so much easier than the one we used for our kitchen table. These tables are designed to be taken down and moved quickly. They’re very light, but they can obviously hold the weight it needs to. As long as there are no wedding guests dancing on tables we should be fine!

stained table

The final stain. I applied a coat of Minwax Dark Walnut which was wiped off within a minute of application. I love the knots and the way in which the wood took the stain differently depending on its texture.


Table tops completed yesterday. We have a few more to build, and they’re due this week. There’s not an ounce of panic in the house, just many ounces of coffee and Red Bull.

This is going to be one long week. We’re going to say goodbye to some military friends tonight, come back home, and finish 4 tabletops and 11 sets of legs. I’m also predicting that I will neglect my houseplants and my house work for the sake of time. I hate clean dishes anyways, and I’m totally fine with the fact that I killed my lavender due to a lack of water. Whatever.

My poor neglected tomatoes! They just need to make it a week longer and I'll give them the lovin' they deserve.

My poor neglected tomatoes! They just need to make it a week longer and I’ll give them the lovin’ they deserve.   

Tables aside, the next few weeks will involve building a compost bin, making a few raised vegetable gardens, attempting to plant lavender, purchasing a lemon tree (and maybe a tangerine tree!), setting up the invisible fence for the dog, planting a blackberry bush, mercilessly slaying fire ants in the lawn, prepping for my half marathon, and getting ready for our first wedding anniversary! Happy days, happy days.

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