Whose birthday! My birthday!

This is a complete vanity post, I must warn you. I recently turned 22, and have to admit that it’s been pretty fantastic. Of course, most of the fanasticness has to do with the fact that I’ve been able to look back on the last year and see how I’ve grown!

Let’s take a look at the actual day:

I woke up, stepped on the scale, and realized that I had finally met my weight loss goal! Of course, I already have a new goal, but it’s good to know that my weight is now back where it was my junior year of college before I spent my first married summer cooking myself into a new pant size 🙂 Next goal: Sophomore year of college/pre-accident weight. Basically, another 10 lbs.

Went to the mailbox, and found a package from my parents! Inside I found all my favorite Dutch foods: hagelslag and rusk, Wilhelmina peppermints, speculaas cookies, pannenkoken mix, and – of course – stroop waffles!  So much for another 10 pounds!

photo (14)

I was doing some laundry (exciting, right?) when I heard my dog go nuts. She only does that if someone’s coming to the door. Since the maillady already stopped by, I called her into the room with a bribe treat, and answered the door. There was a flower delivery lady with a gift from Spencer! Now, Spencer’s not the type to remember any sort of date or birthday (though he did remember our anniversary!), so seeing that he not only remembered by birthday but planned ahead for it since he’s off the grid meant a whole lot to me.

photo (13)

Not only that, but how gorgeous are these flowers?!? They’re a bit tall I think, since they go over my head when I put them on the table. It’s been a hassle trying to keep the cats away from them as well. I think they think Spencer bought them their own personal jungle!

Since it was dinner time, I went out and treated myself to some takeout Thai food. I’ll admit, I bought myself two thai iced teas since I knew I’d have leftovers for the next day. That was a worthy little splurge. On the way back from the restaurant, I made a pit stop at the local Publix for an impromptu purchase of some Angry Orchard Ginger Cider and some lotto scratch-offs. Guess who won $1? Awww yeahhh…big money! Technically, I won $4, but that $1 profit…might as well buy myself a…well, something cheap. Snickers bar. I think those are more than a dollar now.

Anyways, I took home my Thai food, ate, and spent the rest of the night watching The West Wing on Netflix. Life is good.


I’ve had a great year, and have been able to accomplish quite a few of my goals:

I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot on my list, but there’s still a lot to do! Here’s hoping that 22 is a very productive year for me!

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