Road Trip 2013

Road trip 2013 is going to happen soon!

The past month has been a whirlwind of random events. My husband returned from his training, and we began to settle into our “regular” routine. We bought bookshelves and a DVD/CD tower so we could unpack our office…because it’s only been a year since we’ve moved in. We’ve had family visiting for the past week, and installed a new kitchen light while they’ve been here. I started to volunteer more regularly at the Humane Society. Between all of the big events there has been the regular mix of working out, meeting up with friends, and getting involved with the new squadron.

The one thing I’ve been looking forward to through the chaos of this past month is my meticulously planned road trip. I have an itinerary that is planned down to the lunch breaks. I downloaded an app on my phone to locate rest stops along the way. I have a packing list, a new Camelbak, and a cast iron Dutch oven which is begging to be used over an open fire. I am ready. Road Trip 2013

We’re dropping the kitties off in Pensacola for the duration of the trip, and headed west through Louisiana, Texas, and New Mexico. We have a  short visit with the hub’s family,  and then we’re going north to Seattle and back home again. It’ll be 20 days and 6800 miles of seeing the sights of our beautiful country, and we’re bringing along our puppy dog!

Not only does this trip serve the purpose of getting me up north for my college graduation ceremony, but I’ll also be able to complete a few of my 101 in 1001 goals. I will see Old Faithful in Yellowstone National Park (#7), hike in the Grand Canyon (#22), go on a roadtrip (#29), go camping with my husband (#30), visit 3 states I’ve never been to (#40),  and go to Mt.  Rainier and Mt. St.  Helens (#75 & #76). Seven goals in one trip sounds pretty awesome to me!

I’ll have to write later, as I have a pretty early morning tomorrow. Family shuttle to the airport. Fun times to be had.

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