Time to Head Out

Here we go!

It’s the night before our trip across the US. Neither of us have been on a road trip of any significant distance, and we’re both passing few quite a few states we’ve never visited before. Right now, we’re taking a break from getting all of our stuff together. In a few moments, however, we’ll be placing all of our stuff in the back of the car to see if we’ve packed too much.

I think we're packing too much. This doesn't even include clothes!

I think we’re packing too much. This doesn’t even include clothes! Puppy dog is coming along, but the kitties are staying at a kennel. 


We are leaving on a 22 day journey that hits all but the East Coast of the United States (which I’m hoping to do this winter, with or without the husband). Our first stop places us in Louisiana, in a campground right next to a swamp. We found a maximum strength, 95% DEET mosquito spray, so hopefully I won’t be completely bitten to death by the time I get back home. We’re going to see the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Carlsbad Caverns, and Mammoth Caves.

During this time, I’m going to attempt to be completely unplugged. No Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, texting, email, or blogging. I’m not even bringing my Nexus tablet with ebooks…I’ll be reading paper books! My iPod is coming along so we can listen to audiobooks, but that will be it. I’ve got a pack of cards to play solitaire, and a moleskine notebook specially decorated to be new travel journal. I also have a special container to pick up some special mementos.

Hopefully I'll be able to add a few more stickers to the front and back. 30A refers to the scenic highway down here on the Florida Panhandle.

Hopefully I’ll be able to add a few more stickers to the front and back. 30A refers to the scenic highway down here on the Florida Panhandle.

I’m excited to see how this trip goes. Like I said in the last post, this trip will fulfill many of the goals on my 101 in 1001 list. We’re also planning on running at each campsite, which will help with my 423 miles in a year goal. Our box also has a crossfit challenge going on which we’re hoping to do at each stop. We won’t be able to do wall balls and pull-ups (unless there are some random pullup bars out there somewhere!), but we can always catch up on those when we get home!

Well folks, that’s what’s happening for the next 22 days! I’ll post an update when we get back!

Happy trails…or whatever it is you camping folk say…


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