That time I was laid-off…

It’s been a helluva week.

This time last week I had a super horrible morning. As I was getting ready for work, I realized that I forgot to switch the laundry over to the dryer the night before. As a result, all of my pants were wet. The only thing that would fit wet was my Adidas shorts, so I put those on and left for work. Halfway to work, I realized I forgot my lunch and my phone and it was too late to go back and get them. I turned up some good music and tried to keep a positive attitude all the way into work, despite the fact that my wet shorts were now getting the bottom of my shirt wet. Oh well…my red Lowes vest would cover that!

Got into work, clocked in, and realized that my boss not be in until after I left. I like(d) my boss, don’t get me wrong, but the shorts were a little out of regs. They say you can wear walking shorts (whatever those are), but I was wearing running shorts. So, I’m going about my business when I hear my name over the intercom, being paged to head to HR. When I get in there, I’m told that my position has been cut and that I’m done on Friday unless I want to pick up a new position. Unfortunately, the hours don’t work and it’s only a seasonal job, so as of last week Tuesday I’m no longer a weekday sales associate for plumbing…not that I really enjoyed the job, but I did enjoy the people I worked with.

Since I’m  unemployed again, I’m going to work on a new blogging venture. It’ll be a DIY guide for things that women typically don’t do. There were many times while I worked in plumbing that a woman would come in needing to replace a toilet or a faucet, and would say things like, “I just can’t put this together” or “I’m just so awful at plumbing, I’d never be able to figure this out!” A lot of this stuff is pretty simple, but a lot of times women are not taught how to plumb or use a miter saw or change our oil because we’re supposed to have husbands and boyfriends who are supposed to do that stuff. I, on the other hand, think you should learn to do all of that stuff. Why wait around to have someone do it for you? Why pay to have someone come over and do something you could easily do yourself? So, yeah…that’s the premise for the new blog. It’ll include video instructions as well 🙂

Also, with all my free time I was able to finish that 1000 piece puzzle that’s been part of my 101 in 1001 goals!

There were way too many green pieces for my liking!

There were way too many green pieces for my liking!

It’s nice to have it done since it can now be moved out of the way! We emptied the box on our kitchen table about two weeks ago, and we’ve been slowly piecing it together ever since. I hit a bit of a rut after the barn was finished, and Spencer and I have both hit points where we just couldn’t muster up the brain power to stick even a few pieces together. When my father-in-law visited, he would go to bed early and we’d work on the puzzle since it was a pretty quiet activity…save for the dance parties when we would figure out a large portion all of a sudden! Maybe I’ll start working on another one of those puzzles. I sure have enough time.

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