Myrtle Beach, SC

Continuing from last week’s post, I made the drive from Fort McAllister to Myrtle Beach, SC in a relatively short period of time. When I left Fort McAllister around 5:30am, it was a very humid 62 degrees. As I drove north, I noticed that although the rain was slowing, the temperature was dropping drastically. By the time I hit Savannah it was nearly 55 degrees, and close to Charleston, the temperature was close to 50. A DJ on the radio said that it was supposed to continue dropping, hitting the mid-40s by midday. Great. I’m not saying I would be foolish enough to pack only shorts…but maybe I was foolish enough to pack only shorts.

I arrived at the condo before noon, still slightly damp from the earlier rainstorm. It was cold and misting rain as I grabbed my first view of the Atlantic Ocean. With the gray clouds above and a few small waves crashing onto the powdery white sand, the Atlantic seemed dark and endless. From my areas of Washington, the Pacific never held the same sense of vastness. Looking out across from Seattle you’ll see the Olympic mountains. From Birch Bay you’ll see many of the San Juan islands. For me, the Pacific Ocean has always been punctuated with some land mass, and it makes the ocean seem so very small.


The awe-inspiring Atlantic Ocean. It’s massive!

We didn’t go down to the beach at all that day, or the next day, or the day after next. It was still too cold. That was alright with me though. I had family to catch up with! I met six family members for the first time…or at least for the first time in my conscious memory! When I was younger, my mom and dad made a trip back to New York with me. I was only just over a year at the time, so I’d say I was a better conversationalist this time around 😉 Thankfully, you don’t need to have nice weather to have frozen yogurt. We visited TCBY at least twice, and often joked about walking there for breakfast.

We also took a day trip to Charleston. That was busy enough that I’ll have to write a whole separate blog post about that. The history of that city is amazing, and I loved seeing and touring the old houses.

After the weather finally cleared, Grandpa, Grandma, and I took walks down the beach.

Yay! Sunshine!

Yay! Sunshine!

We found quite a few shells, and spent time looking at some of the beach houses right on the waterfront. Grandpa’s brother came down with us once, and showed us this strange, branchy, sponge-like item that you can collect and then spray with a polyurethane coating to use as decor. I have a few sitting at home, but have yet to coat them and use them. I’m hoping that they’ll lose their low tide smell soon.


Grandma looking out at a buoy.


Grandpa and his brother, Fred, collecting shells. By the end of the trip I think Fred brought half the beach back to New York!

And just like that, the week was over. It was fantastic, and it was a great distraction from Spencer being deployed. I definitely miss my family, and it’s hard being on the opposite side of the country from everyone, but I’ll get to see some of them again in June on our way to Alaska!

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