101 in 1001 Goal Update

April showers in the state of Florida have yet to bring me flowers…but they’ve sure brought about the completion of a few of my 101 in 1001 goals!

27. Drink only homemade sweet tea or lemonade (month 4/12).

Since setting this goal, I’ve had a significantly less of each beverage. I’m a sucker for Simply Lemonade’s Raspberry Lemonade, and I could easily drink a gallon of sweet tea in a week. By making it myself, I can control the amount of sugar that goes into each. Also, I keep forgetting to make them…I can’t drink what I haven’t made. I’ve had a lot more water over the past four months, which, I suppose, is better for me.

32. Learn to make sushi.

The secret to great sushi is in the rice. Perfect sushi rice has a short grain, and is rinsed, soaked, cooked, dressed, and turned to perfection. I need to work on a more perfect rice to fish ratio, but it’s getting there. Since I have yet to find a place down here that sells sashimi grade tuna, I use smoked salmon with cucumber or avocado and cream cheese. Special shout out to my mom for buying me a bamboo sushi rolling mat and a mandolin slicer for those perfect strips of cucumber.


34. Try cooking with 10 new fruits or vegetables (1/10).

This month I tried cooking an artichoke. I love artichoke hearts on pizza, but cooking an artichoke is a pain in the ass. Trimming every single leaf to remove the “thorn” and steaming the whole shebang for 40 minutes makes for a very time consuming snack. There is very little meat on each leaf, and sadly the taste is nothing like a canned artichoke heart. There’s something about a pickled or vinegared artichoke that is wonderful…an actual artichoke? Just a good excuse to eat two tablespoons of melted butter. Don’t judge.


42. Build a desk for the office.

Technically, I finished this one with Spencer back in February, right before he left for his trip. Before our new desk, we used a table I bought in college for my first apartment. The stained tabletop was getting old, and a round table in a square room took up more space than I thought. We built what is essentially a seven foot long shelf – two 1x10s were cut to 7 feet, treated using Minwax’s Driftwood Fast Drying Wood Stain, and mounted to the wall using L-shaped brackets. The result is an out-of-the-way desk that gives us a bit more organized room. We’re planning on adding a filing cabinet to help me achieve goal 91 (starting a good filing system).




74. Get a massage a month for a year

This goal is an absolutely wonderful goal. I love this goal. For the past three months, I’ve been able to grab a massage and help out my awful neck and back. I don’t know why, but this has been the year of the tension headache (which most likely has something to do with my bad shoulder), and each month I’ve been able to feel some wonderful relief. If you’re ever in the Florida Panhandle, make sure to call this place and ask for Kaylen. She’s amazing. While I’ve only had deep tissue massages so far, I want to try a Thai massage.

76. Get a bike.

I just got a simple bike from WalMart for some recreational riding. I also upgrade my seat to what is essentially a memory foam tractor seat. I don’t ride often enough for my backside to adjust to being chronically uncomfortable, so I did what I had to do, okay? Don’t judge.



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