Alaska! (Part 1: From Florida to Washington to Anchorage to Seward)

Wow, what a trip!

My husband and I recently returned from our trip to Alaska with my little brother. To say that Alaska is a great state is an understatement. It was wild and beautiful, and I can’t wait to return someday.

We started off our trip in the not so great state of Florida. Spencer had just returned from a trip overseas, and we had a week or so to finish preparing for the trip. Our bags were packed, our lawn was mowed, and our animals were sent to their respective caregivers. Off to Washington we went!

Flying into Seattle...what a gorgeous city!

Flying into Seattle…what a gorgeous city!

Grandma Pat and Grandpa Bob picked us up at the airport. Their house was our homebase for about two days. My brother came down from Lynden, and we used the extra day to repack our bags, shop for food, and figure out who was going to carry which portion of the goods. Grandma and Grandpa brought us to the airport on June 21, and we boarded our plane for Anchorage.

Late night flight on Alaska Airlines!

Late night flight on Alaska Airlines!

Now, I don’t know if you’ve check out the price of a hotel in Anchorage lately, but it’s pretty steep in the summer time. We were only in Anchorage from the time our flight landed (about 10pm) to the time our train departed (about 6am), so we didn’t want to shell out $200 for a room that would have been used for a minute. So, being the cheap travelers we are, we set up our mattresses and sleeping bags on the floor of the airport and made a sad attempt at sleep.

TJ in a sweet grip of Cinnabon sleep.

TJ in the sweet grip of Cinnabon sleep.

Spencer stretches out after a long day.

Spencer stretches out after a long day.

Unfortunately, we arrived during the summer solstice, so it was light the entire time we were trying to sleep. Also, Anchorage is a 24 hour airport and feels the need to play blaring 50s show tunes from about midnight to 5am. We didn’t get a lot of sleep, but it sure beat paying for an expensive room. That, and the Cinnabon that TJ insisted we get put us into a small carb coma for at least an hour or so.

After a fitful few hours of sleep, we met up with a shuttle driver who took us to the Anchorage train depot. We were able to snag a few pictures both at the depot and on the train ride before my camera batteries died. The train ride from Anchorage to Seward on the Coastal Classic train was fantastic! The service was first class, the dining car served a fantastic breakfast (complete with reindeer sausage!), and the views were stunning. I tried to stay awake the entire ride, but I ended up falling asleep for the last hour with a snoring Spencer on my shoulder.




View from the top Coastal Classic's Gold Star A car...traveling in style!

View from the top Coastal Classic’s Gold Star A car…traveling in style!



Our first moose sighting!

Our first moose sighting!

Then I heard the whistle blow as we pulled into Seward.

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