Alaska! (Parts 4-5, Still in Seward)

It’s been a bit since I’ve blogged about Alaska! I still have more photos and stories to share, so I figured I’d go ahead and do just that.

Day 4 –

We were a bit cold when we woke up, so was stayed hunkered down in our sleeping bags and talked about our various aches and pains. When I finally got up to make oatmeal, I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures of the area around us. How beautiful!


One of many tour boats going out to explore Kenai Fjords National Park.

Coast Guard Cutter Mustang out in Resurrection Bay

Coast Guard Cutter Mustang out in Resurrection Bay

So many otters in the bay! This little guy was having breakfast.

So many otters in the bay! This little guy was having breakfast.


Spencer issues his battle cry, ready to slay the fire beast. (Or, Spencer started a fire after breakfast and found a cool stick.)

We decided that while we still weren’t ready to backpack, but we needed something else to do instead. Since this was TJ’s graduation trip, we figured that we’d defer to him. Typical TJ; he said he didn’t care what we did. But, he mentioned a few moments later, he had four goals for the trip:

1) See a bear

2) See a moose

3) Kill and eat something for dinner

4) “Ummmm…ahhh…well, I forgot but I had a fourth one! Whatever.”

That settled it! We decided some fishing was in order. Maybe he’d catch something we could grill over the fire! After consulting with a clerk at the Fish House, we settled on a plan to snag red salmon from the shoreline. We bought a fishing rod and three-day fishing licenses. We packed up our gear, walked out to the water, and promptly lost two hooks to the rocks. We didn’t catch a damn thing, but we had fun.


TJ’s first cast ended up wedged between some rocks.


Casting into the bay.


Nice action shot! Also, if you zoom in on the other guy you can see him giving the camera some stink eye.


Attempting to get unstuck. I don’t think I succeeded.

Thankfully, this was also the day that we found out about the free Seward shuttle that goes around town. We heard a school bus coming up behind us as we were walking into town, and TJ stuck his thumb out and pretended to hitchhike. The bus passed us, slowed down, and came to a stop on the side of the road next to a public restroom. Out walks an older gentleman, who we thought was stopping for a pee break. He turned to us and hollered, “Wanna ride?” Heck yes! We ran up and he shuttled us right into the heart of town.

Near the end of the day a storm rolled in. It started raining around suppertime, so I thought I’d cook dinner in the vestibule of the tent. It was cold, and I decided to make red beans and rice.

Clouds rolling in.

Clouds rolling in. And yes, this is around 7pm. 

Me in the tent while the boys try and warm up around the fire.

Me in the tent while the boys try and warm up around the fire.

Let me tell you what. I have never had a meal so awful and bland before. TJ remarked that it sucked the flavor out of the tortillas that we paired it with, and Spencer said that it smelled like drool. I tried to add craisins in to make it more flavorful, but it sucked the flavor out of the craisins too. When Spencer and I decided to hit the hay early, TJ asked if he could go to the gas station to pick up a coke. Sure, we said. Just be back by 11.

Turns out, he went into town and had fish and chips instead 🙂

Day 5 –

The storm had stayed overnight, shrouding the bay in a grey vail of wispy fog. It rained a lot that morning, and it felt like a great time to sleep in.


Misty mountain morning.


CGC Mustang idling in the bay for some training.

After a while, Spencer and I went and got coffee at a cute little cafe called the Sea Bean. TJ stayed in the tent and slept until 11 or so.

Just two native Seattleites doing what we do best.

Just two native Seattleites doing what we do best.

The Sea Bean was cute – it reminded me of a hipster coffee place from back home (home, of course, being Seattle). I’d love to own a place like this. After we went and grabbed TJ, we went back up towards the Sea Bean to the various gift shops in the area. We all had people we wanted to buy for, and there were so many unique finds among the typical tourists shirts and postcards.

Still no luck fishing. We lost every snag hook we had, and went into town to buy some more.

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