Stitch Fix boxes 2 & 3!

Well, the original plan was to review the second Stitch Fix box as soon as I received it, but a combination of the holidays and my husband leaving for an extended trip got in the way.

Now that the holidays are over, I find that I have a bit more time on this lazy Sunday afternoon to post a review of my two latest Stitch Fix boxes! And maybe I’ll count this as the first step completing my “101 in 1001” goal of writing a blog post a week for two months.

Stitch Fix, for those who haven’t seen the bazillions of advertisements on Facebook, is a clothing subscription service. I pay $20 for a stylist to style me based off of a style profile I filled out, my Pinterest page, and any notes I deem necessary (like informing them of an upcoming trip, wedding, or formal event). They then send me five items of clothing that I can try on in the comfort of my own home. Within three days, I can choose to purchase the items or send them back in a prepaid bag. If I keep all the items I get a 25% discount, and my $20 styling fee is always applied to my purchase.

After receiving my first box, I was SO excited to get my second box, which arrived at the end of November. This box was a hit, minus one item. Let’s start off with the good, shall we?

1 & 2) Liverpool Jalie Denim Jacket and Three Dots Aleisha Fit and Flare Dress

Liverpool Jalie Denim Jacket layered over the Three Dots Aleisha Fit and Flare Dress.

Liverpool Jalie Denim Jacket layered over the Three Dots Aleisha Fit and Flare Dress.

This dress is so comfortable! The material is a wee bit on the thick side, which is specifically what I asked for so I could wear it in the winter, but I could see myself wearing it in the spring, too (though summer in Florida might be out of the question). I love the color, and I wore it in New York this past December with fleece-lined black leggings. I loved the jacket, but didn’t keep it. It had a wonderful fit and was obviously high quality, but I already have a denim jacket 🙂

3) Tart’s Kaylie Solid French Terry Blazer

I asked for a blazer, and they delivered! After pulling this piece out of the box, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the thinner terry material. I grabbed my black Liverpool leggings from my last fix, and a random blouse out of the closet, and BAM!


I love it! It has shoulder pads to give it a bit of shape, and the material is very giving. It adds a profession touch to a lot of outfits I already have, which was what I was hoping for. I think will be something I can use in the summer as well. The material is light enough for quick jaunts outside, but will be nice protection from the sometimes frigid air conditioning.

4). Staccato Barry Cowl Neck Ribbed Sweater


I can’t find my picture of it, so I have to include the picture from the little card in the box. I love love love this sweater! It’s comfortable and warm, but requires a shirt underneath it because of some weird eyelet holes on the chest. My only complaint is that I threw this sweater and my bra in a day pack for a one day trip, and the hook from the bra pulled at some of the knitting on the sweater 😦 But really, that was my fault. Other than that, no complaints! This has been a well worn sweater already!

And now, for the bad….

5). Collective Concepts Mitchel Long Sleeve Textured Sheath Dress

First thing my husband says when I’ve put it on – “Hmmmm…”

Then he comes up behind me, gently puts his hand on my hips, and whispers in my ear, “You feel like a couch.”

Collective Concepts Couch Dress.

Collective Concepts Couch Dress.

And boy did I ever! I’m not entirely sure what was going on with this dress. From a practical point of view, this was not something I’d be able to zip up by myself. With a husband in the military and gone for what seems like half of the year on various trips and deployments, this was not feasible. Secondly, there was some odd bunching or gathering in the front of the dress right around my stomach that I wasn’t a fan of. Finally, the couch issue – not only did it feel like weird textured couch fabric both inside and out, but the pattern itself reminded me of the old hide-a-bed couch my sister and I used to sleep on when we were really little. No thanks.

All-in-all, a great fix. I got some much needed clothing for my trip to New York, which was just what I asked for!

My second box arrived just as the New Year began! This box freaking hit it out of the park. Way to go, Briana (my Stitch Fix stylist)!

I forgot I was going to receive this box so early in the month, so I didn’t write any specific requests for the fix. Regardless, Briana searched through my Pinterest page and found things that I liked that would pair with items from past fixes!

1 & 2). Mak B’s Siri Crew Neck Knit Sweater & Margaret M’s Emer Houndstooth High Waisted Cropped Pant


I love knit sweaters! Again, this was soft and perfect for some of the colder weather that’s coming my way. I love the design, and it pairs perfectly with a pair of blue jeans and some Toms, too.

As you can see, the cropped pants are not so cropped on me. I told them not to send me pants unless they had something like a 26″ inseam. So, these ended up fitting me like regular pants which works out! The houndstooth pattern is really subtle, with black on black coloring. I love it because it’s fun without being to loud for a professional setting. Also, I ❤ high-waisted anything!

3 & 4) La Made’s Kai Elbow Patch Striped Knit Shirt & Margaret M’s Verna Striped Ponte Pencil Skirt


Perfect! I’d been waiting for a skirt! This really helped diminish any sort of muffin-top that I tend to have when I wear skirts. Margaret M’s whole brand tends to do that, I guess. They specifically make slimming clothes.

The elbow patch shirt was awesome as well. I asked for a bit of color, and they chose a nice deep brownish-red. I wish the elbow patches had been made of a different material so they could stand out, but I’m overall please with it. It was a great shirt, with a great length. This is good, since I have really short legs, but a definitely longer torso.

5) Fun2Fun Colibri Plaid Tab-Sleeve Cotton Shirt

This was one of my favorite picks. From Briana: “I noticed lots of plaid tops with vests on your Pinterest page. Since you got a vest in your first Fix, I thought I’d send a plaid top to wear under it, This will look great with skinny jeans and boots.” It does, indeed!

With my Hawthorne41 vest and Liverpool skinny jeans from the first fix.

With my Hawthorne41 vest and Liverpool skinny jeans from the first fix.

It also looks great by itself. At this point, my dog, Ellie was sick of me taking photos by myself and wanted to join in :)

It also looks great by itself. At this point, my dog, Ellie was sick of me taking photos by myself and wanted to join in 🙂

As you can guess by my reviews, I kept everything in this Fix. I was SO happy with the clothes I’d received, and getting 25% off of everything made the deal even sweeter. I have a fix already scheduled for next month, and I’ve asked to receive one new skirt and a bunch of blouses. I have a few professional things coming up in March, so I want to make sure that I’m prepared in the clothing department.

The only thing missing is new shoes! I hate to admit it, but the black heels I’m wearing in the above pictures have been my only pair since 8th grade! That was back in 2004! I can’t believe they’ve lasted this long, but it’s definitely time for some new ones. If only Stitch Fix could send me some shoes…

If you’ve read this far and want to try Stitch Fix out for yourself, click on my referral link here! If you click this and try it out, you’ll get some awesome new clothes sent directly to your house, and I’ll get a $25 gift. Win-win, right?

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