Liebster Award!


First of all, I’d like to thank Kerry over at cats.don’ for nominating me for the Liebster Award. She has a great blog, and she’s gearing up for her thru hike of the Appalachian Trail. I absolutely recommend following her. Secondly, I’d like to warn you that my computer keeps autocorrecting Liebster to Lobster. I mean, really, I’d take either award, but sadly I’m not up for crustacean of the year.

This is a blog award that’s made its way through the blogosphere many times over the past few years. It’s a way to help promote some of your favorite blogs that don’t have too many followers. I noticed a slight uptick in blog traffic after my nomination, and it was great to read the blogs of the people I was nominated with! Networking at its finest!

Anyways, the rules of the award are as follows:

  1. Thank and link back to your nominator.
  2. Answer the nominator’s 11 questions.
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with 200 or fewer followers and link to them.
  4. Draft 11 new questions for your nominees.
  5. Notify your nominees via their blogs or social media.

I’ll start off with my answers then!

1) What is your favorite A.T. (Appalachian Trail) related book?
Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods. Admittedly, I haven’t read many other A.T. related books.

2) Which thru-hiking journal/blog was your favorite to follow in previous years?
The blog that started my A.T. obsession was My Meandering Trail (which still has the posts, but has not been blogged on in forever). My other favorite was (and is!) Tandem Trekking. I love reading about Lindsey and Kyle’s adventures on the A.T. and beyond, and I love imagining that my husband and I will eventually do the same…which will have to wait for forever because the military isn’t going to give him a 6 month leave of absence. Damn you, Air Force!

3) If you could magically make one item weightless and bring it with you on your hike, what would it be?
My bed! I think a good night’s sleep is crucial. And not just getting in the hours of sleep, but in being comfortable and relaxed so that your body feels rested and rejuvenated the next morning. I am beyond thrilled with how well my Big Agnes Q-Core SL sleeping pad works with my side sleeping, but I’d love to be able to stretch out like a starfish at night on a tempurpedic mattress under warm a down blanket 🙂

4) What is your favorite piece of gear?
Oh shoot. Like I said, my Big Agnes Q-Core SL sleeping pad is amazing, and it goes great with my Therm-a-Rest compressible pillow (which is my luxury item). That being said, I also love my GSI Pinnacle Dualist cookset. The pot has enough space in it to easily cook for three people, and I love how stackable and lightweight everything is. It’s absolutely perfect for me and my husband.

5) Where is your favorite place to hike?
Some of my favorite hikes are listed here…but my FAVORITE FAVORITE?!? So far it’s been the Harding Icefield Trail near Seward, Alaska. The views of the ice field at the top were amazing, and camping up there overnight was an adventure I won’t soon forget.


6) What has been the best part of planning your upcoming hike?
Sadly, I’m still just dreaming for the day I’ll get to plan my A.T. hike. But if it’s anything like other trips I’ve planned, it’s so satisfying watching a dream turn into a reality. I’m a list and spreadsheet maker, and checking things off a to-do list is incredibly satisfying. I’m working on a tentative plan of some Northern Cascades hiking this summer, but we have to see how everything goes.

7) Who in your life has been the most supportive of your plans?
My husband is always super supportive of any plans I have. Like I said earlier, I’d love to wait until he separates from the military and do a hike of the A.T. together!

8) What section of the A.T. are you most looking forward to?
This December I had a chance to hike a portion of the A.T. in Shenandoah National Park. It was gorgeous, the trails were well maintained, and I can’t wait to hike there again some day.


9) What are three things that you will NOT miss about daily life?
Facebook, phones, and emails. I looooooove having a solid reason to disconnect from social media. I’m a compulsive Facebook checker. Sometimes I’ll get on my computer to look up an academic article or do something for school and my fingers will automatically type “Facebook” or “Gmail” or “reddit.” It’s awful.

10) What is your favorite trail food?
A lot of the meal ideas I used in Alaska came from the Trail Cooking website. They have great one-pot meals and freezer bag meals. I recommend the chicken and dumplings and any of the Alfredo recipes. One of my favorites meals though, is to take a box of Annie’s Deluxe Mac and Cheese and add some dehydrated veggies from Harmony House Foods. I’d stay away from the peas though, as they always seem to stay hard. Also, if you haven’t the Mountain House Raspberry Crumble dessert, you’re missing out. I can’t lie – sometimes Spencer and I will buy it for dessert at home. It’s that good.

11) What famous person do you think would look the most hilarious decked out like hiker trash?
I don’t know about hilarious looking, but I’d love to see either Richard Armitage or Robert Downy, Jr. out on the trail. They’d make fantastic hikers. I feel like they’d have the best chances of growing really great hiker beards. Rawr.

Thanks again for the nomination and the questions, Kerry! I’ll post my nominations and questions sometime tomorrow, so keep an eye out for those!

2 thoughts on “Liebster Award!

  1. Great answers! If you’re looking for something to read I recommend The Barefoot Sisters books (although the second is really just more of the same), Three Hundred Zeroes, I Hike, and Grandma Gatewood’s Walk. I’m an addict.

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