So not only do I get to cross one of my 101 in 1001 goals off of my list, but I get to add another line to my CV.


My work is being published, that’s why!

It’s nothing too terribly fancy. I’ll have to wait until maybe later this year before I start a research project worthy of a peer-reviewed psychology journal. However, I wrote a nice little piece on gender-based Twitter harassment for the University of West Florida’s Feminist Spaces journal, which is due out sometime this month. I received my final confirmation today!


I’m so very excited, and I’m proud to be able to cross goal number 65 off of my list.

I also crossed goal 68 (make my own business cards) off the list. I’m presenting at two small conferences in the next month, and I wanted to have cards available just in case. When I presented at the American Psychological Association convention in 2013, I was caught off guard by the number of people who were exchanging business cards. I never even thought about it, so I didn’t have anything to hand out. This year, however, I’m making it a point to carry a few cards with me at all times. Networking at its finest!

So here’s to achieving a few professional goals! Hopefully the next couple of months leading up to graduate school application season will prove to be as productive as this month has been.

5 thoughts on “Published!

  1. Yay! Congratulations! And for conferences! Also, you’ve revived my interest in my 101 in 1001. I had one a few years ago that was partially completed. I think I may have started writing up a new one a few months ago…I’ll have to check my files when I get home.

    • Thanks! And you should totally revive the list! I don’t know why this has been so much more fun and motivating than regular New Years resolutions, but I love making these lists 🙂 I feel like 1001 days is a perfect period of time to complete some long-term “stretch” goals.

      • I found my old one! Turns out it was 2010…why did I think that was so recent? Haha. I remember really liking it as well. It’s great to go to on a day that I’m feeling bored or unmotivated because it reminds me of all the cool stuff I want to do. Time to start a new one!

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