50 Question Tuesday?

Well, about a million years ago (it seems) I started answering the 50 Questions to Free Your Mind. I had planned on doing them all on Fridays (so I could have my 50 Question Fridays), but that fell by the wayside. So, now I’m just going to write out my answers whenever the hell I feel like it, and you’re just going to have to deal with it 😉

Anyways, today’s question is this: “When all is said and done, will you have said more than you’ve done?”

Answer: Most likely, yes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a person who brags about what they’re going to do, and I hardly ever go into anything without a plan, but I am most definitely a person who has conflicts between my huge dreams and my responsibilities. For example, my husband and I have been planning a trip to Iceland for about three years now. It’s just a rough plan that’s never materialized though, because when it comes down to it we need to find the right time. We’d like to have more of our student loans paid off, too. That’s never stopped me from talking about the trip with family and friends though.

Also, there have been many times in my life that I’ve said things like “I want to be a doctor,” or “I want to be a chef,” or stuff like that. Over the course of time, I’ve changed my mind on certain issues or changed my mind about certain careers. I don’t think this counts have having said more than I’ve done. I feel like other pathways have opened up and that I’ve gone with what is best for me. Some of my family members, however, feel as though I’ve talked the talk, but haven’t walked the walk. I wish more people understood that just because you’ve changed your school or career path doesn’t mean you’ve given up on some amazing dream. In many cases you’ve discovered something new about yourself or about the world that has altered your mindset so much that you couldn’t possibly stay on the old track. Just because you were passionate about a certain career in 5th grade or in your sophomore year of high school doesn’t mean you’ve committed to anything permanently.

Thanks to my propensity to plan things out to the minute, I think I’ll have said and done about the same amount. I don’t usually share plans unless I’ve had a moment to plan them all out, and I’m pretty good with follow through on my plans. Obviously, life gets in the way sometimes, but as long as I can keep rolling with the punches I’ll complete what needs to be done. However, there will be times where I’ll be unable to complete something or I’ll find that I don’t want to complete something that I’ve said I wanted to complete. In those instances, yes, I’ll have spoken before truly committing, but I won’t personally count that as a failure.

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