A Good Old Fashioned Facebook Fast

I’ve been off Facebook for five days, and I’m struggling.

To be fair though, I was struggling when I was on Facebook. There’s really nothing interesting going on on Facebook either, but I could easily go on for “just a moment” to check a status, and look up only to see a few hours have passed. I’d also go on to check something that wasn’t Facebook, but find my fingers automatically typing Facebook into the address bar. I had a problem, so the solution was to deactivate my account.

I still find myself thinking in status updates, or taking pictures to post on my page. I also find myself mindlessly flipping through apps on my phone looking for something, anything, to entertain me. But once I get past all that, I find that my day-to-day productivity has increased. I’m about three weeks ahead in my online course, I’ve finished two books and started a third, and my house is cleaner than it’s ever been. (Okay, that last one was a lie.)

My goal is to stay off Facebook for most of the summer, so I can get ahead on my article writing and GRE prep. Data collection has been pretty slow so far, but I’m making headway on outlining my introduction. Here’s hoping I can cash in on some of that research karma and get enough respondents by the end of the summer. I mean, summer school students love extra credit, right?

The garden is doing well, though I don’t have any update pictures. My husband needs to mow the jungle of a backyard before I take any more photos. I was able to get a small harvest of young potatoes though, so I’m looking forward to the end of the season when all my potatoes are in. I think most will be turned into hashbrown or frozen potato soup. It’s nice to have those on hand for when the weather gets colder. Apparently, I can also do a second planting of potatoes by the first of October too! That might be nice! We eat potatoes somewhat often, but they spoil so quickly here in the house. If I can harvest when I need them I think I’ll cut down on the food waste.

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