Grad School Application Prep

Sorry I’ve been so inactive lately folks!

I’m sort of in the middle of preparing to apply for graduate school. What this means for me right now is that I’m spending a bunch of time narrowing down the schools I plan on applying to and preparing for my second GRE test in October. Like last time, I’m focusing on the quantitative or math portion of the test. It’s all the math I learned in middle and early high school and never used again…of course, until I had to take this test. My scores weren’t bad, but were nothing to write home about for sure. I was pretty solidly in the middle of the pack, which is not where you want to be when applying to grad school. Thankfully, I have a lot more research experience this time around, which I hope will help me out immensely.

In the next few days I’ll start contacting professors that I’m interested in working with. I had a chat with my current lab advisor about some of the programs, schools, and advisors that I’m interested in, and was able to gain some good insight. Where I apply depends on which professors might be interested in taking me on as a student, so it’s important to start contacting people soon.

In the meantime, I’m also writing up a few articles for submission. I also have a grant proposal in the works, and that’s taking up a bit more time than I thought it would. Even if I don’t get the grant, it’s been a great learning opportunity. I’m supposed to get feedback from the reviewers as well, so I’ll be able to take what I learn and apply it to my future grant writing endeavors.

Anyways, I expect I won’t be posting a lot through the end of the year. Most of my applications are due around December first, and I have a lot of writing deadlines in October. I wish I was more active on my blog, but there are a lot of other things that take priority right now.

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